With an open mind and respect to everyone, Link2Europe wants to offer the best service both to the cleaning lady as to the client.

Our motto: "Happy employees make happy clients"
Are you looking for a reliable cleaning lady? Then you have come to the right address.
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Are you looking for a reliable cleaning lady?

Then you have come to the right address. Link2Europe offers motivated cleaning ladies via the service cheques system. Do you need extra help in your home? Let us know and we will immediately check whether someone is available. We think it is important that you get help quickly.

How does it work?

Link2Europe looks for the right cleaning lady for you, taking into account your needs and desires. We can also offer your current cleaning lady a contract. In both cases, Link2Europe organises all the administration for this official employment. You purchase service cheques and pay your cleaning lady with one cheque per hour worked.

We pamper your cleaning lady

Your cleaning lady has a contract with Link2Europe. Therefore, she receives a satisfactory salary supplemented with additional benefits such as meal allowances, transportation costs, etc. She is insured against industrial accidents, receives holiday pay, an end-of-year bonus and accumulates pension rights.

If this is her first job we also help her register for health insurance, open a bank account, etc. In short, we provide the support that she needs.

We care for you

We guide private individuals through registration with Sodexo and answer all their questions related to purchasing service cheques.

The consultants at Link2Europe are native speakers that coach cleaning ladies in their native language. In the beginning, one of our consultants comes to your home to go over all the tasks so that the cleaning lady knows what you expect her to do. That way you get to know your contact at Link2Europe personally.

Which activities can your cleaning lady perform?

The following activities are allowed:

  • Cleaning
  • Washing, ironing & mending clothes
  • Cooking meals
  • Running errands

Other activities are not allowed under this system. Childcare and garden maintenance are not allowed via service cheques.